Beyond Digital Twin - Convergence of the Virtual and Real Worlds

Small and medium-sized manufacturers enjoy big-enterprise benefits and ROI with Virtual Twin Experience on the cloud.

The adoption of digital  renderings of component parts, assemblies and fixturing  has been ad hoc and distributed across company sizes. Design, manufacturing, production planning and MRO frequently operate as independent “silos” within the organization. But what if this data could be aggregated and expanded to allow total process simulation of an actual production process? The potential for new insight into operations is obvious, and it’s used every day in large manufacturing businesses. It’s called the Digital Twin

Dassault Systèmes goes beyond the digital twin with the Virtual Twin Experience. The Virtual Twin Experience is not only the virtual model, it is connected to the plant in real-time. Virtual Twin Experience is an executable virtual model of a physical system which brings in learning and experiences taken from the real world processes to update the digital twin model. Achieving this closed-loop capability is the full realization of benefits to be gained from the convergence of the virtual and real worlds.

Download the e-book to learn about the advantages of digital twin for manufacturers and how to go beyond with Virtual Twin Experience on the cloud. 

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