A Better Way to Design Products

The design manager’s perspective

As a design manager, you need to keep the train on the rails, at full speed, while navigating obstacles left and right.

Imagine if you could run a collaborative design process that equips you to: 

  • Drive the process and manage projects with insight and confidence, adapting efficiently when needed, reducing design cycle times

  • Empower your team to spend more time designing, less time on repetitive task

  • Master the systems to innovate with cutting-edge tools, through a browser which accommodates a multi-CAD environment on the cloud

  • Deliver products everyone is proud of

You make it look effortless. But we know the depth of your challenges. It’s time to select the tools to operate with complete agility, for an efficient product design process. Read all about it in our e-book. 

“With the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud, we can carry out joint work as a single voice – our engineers, customers and suppliers on each project can come together as one to design flexibly and at speed. Another added bonus is that many engineering students learn CATIA and so they join us already knowing how to use the application. They appreciate how user friendly it is.” 

Onur Sinak
Product Development Engineer, Yeşilova
French Newsletter

Read the full Yesilova customer story. 

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