A Better Way to Sync MBOMS with EBOMS

As a product definition moves from engineering to production, the manufacturing engineers know how to take an engineering definition (or EBOM) and convert it into the format necessary for procurement and manufacturing. 

However, manufacturing engineers often cope with disconnected, inefficient, and error-prone methods for creating and managing MBOMs.

Download the eBook, “A BETTER WAY TO SYNC MBOMS WITH EBOMS: The Tailor-Made Toolset for Manufacturing Engineers,” and learn how to link your MBOMs and EBOMs to reduce bottlenecks and risks.

In this eBook, your team will discover ways to:

  • Boost Productivity: increasing speed, mitigating risk, and streamlining workflows

  • Be Agile: rapidly evaluate and implement changes, stay aligned and reduce complexity

  • Collaborate Seamlessly: break down silos, proactively manage the MBOMs lifecycle, and assign responsibility

Download the eBook