How the Automotive Industry Can Drive Resilience in Extraordinary Times

The ebook provides the strategy that helps companies achieve profitable and optimized results in automotive engineering, testing and production.

Digitalization delivers agility in vehicle engineering, testing and production — the very things that secure business continuity and profitability even in extraordinary circumstances.

This integrated platform is where opportunities in the digitalization of vehicle development, testing and production can be capitalized. By connecting these three areas and equipping them with the right digital capabilities, companies can:

  • Collaborate remotely to engineer new, innovative vehicles and tap into talent across the world
  • Validate designs with affordable virtual simulation instead of costly physical models
  • Rely on agile production modeling that's ready to tackle supply chain disruptions and market changes
  • Respect the requirements for healthy distancing and ergonomics throughout global operations 

It's a moment of tremendous opportunity in the automotive industry

Frederic Merceron
Transportation and Mobility solutions director, Dassault Systèmes

Interview with Jose Garcia-Urruchi, Head of Digital Engineering Capability, Jaguar Land Rover.

Watch Exclusively an Episode of the 2022 3DEXPERIENCE ENOVIA User Conference Digital Replay Series!

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