Automatic Language Processing

Understand textual data thanks to Artificial Intelligence

By François-Régis Chaumartin and Pirmin Lemberger, with the preface by Olivier Delabroy. Dunod Edition.

Book in French, released in bookstores on February 5, 2020.
Available to order on the publisher’s website, on and Amazon.

This book is intended for anyone looking to take advantage of the enormous potential of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, including semantic analysis and text mining.

It is intended for non-specialists in artificial intelligence who read texts on a daily basis as part of their professional activity. It will also be valuable for data scientists, CIOs, project managers and consultants who wish to analyze texts to extract information.

This book presents a wide panorama of use cases. It also details the underlying technologies, ranging from classic symbolic systems to the latest advances in machine learning and deep learning.

Combining theory and practice, it presents:

  • Some applications of language processing;
  • The basics of computational linguistics;
  • Some formalisms of representation of meaning;
  • The main language processing tasks;
  • The recent deep learning models applied to NLP;
  • The typical organization of a project of this type.

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