Asset Management: New Models For A New Age

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Are you embracing technology innovation to transform your asset management business? In order to restore trust in the asset management industry, asset managers are re-engineering their business models so as to become their clients’ trusted advisors. This white paper highlights the salient nature of the changes.

To hasten their pace, a new set of digital tools are coming to the fore. These are being pioneered by a new generation of start-ups, focused on embracing digital technology and driving disruptive innovation to streamline operations and improve efficiencies to meet regulatory and infrastructure changes.  

In Dassault Systèmes’ recent accelerator program, the 3D FinTech Challenge 2014, the six finalists were set specific, long-standing investment management problems by leading asset managers. The outcomes show how digitization can potentially reshape aspects of the asset management sector, improve customer experiences and restore trust in the industry.