Architectural Design & Engineering Innovations with Generative Design Tools

CO Architects | Realizing Creative Inspirations through Digital Continuity

Today’s computational design solutions have allowed a new level of complexity in design. Firms like CO Architects turn to the power of generative design tools to solve different challenges:

  • Conceptual massing and master planning
  • Complex geometry development
  • Fast design iteration
  • Simulation for solar radiation, people movement, heat gain, daylighting, and more
  • Fabrication-level detail development
  • Rapid prototyping, model making and digital fabrication
  • Project documentation
  • Cost profiling...

Read the white paper to explore how CO Architects use generative design tools, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to create impactful architecture.

Visualization is an important tool for communicating with our clients and collaborators.

Design Principal, CO Architects

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