Advancing the future of Electric Vehicles | 2021 Trends Report

In the past few years, the market of electric vehicles (EVs) has changed dramatically. Factors such as growing demand for low emission commuting and governments supporting long range, zero-emission vehicles and infrastructure have pushed manufacturers to accelerate the global production of EVs. This has led to a growing demand for electric vehicles in the market. Electric car sales broke all records in 2022 - making up up 10% of new car purchases worldwide - and the market for two/three-wheelers and e-bikes is expanding rapidly. [1]

Now more than ever, startups and R&D teams have a unique chance to make a significant impact on the market with innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our goal is to get a head start in the mobility and logistics market amid the escalating need for sustainability.

Noh Youngjo
CEO, Equal

What are the stakes for electric vehicle development, and how can we expect technologies to shape the market for EV innovators in the next few years?

In this report, we cover key trends in the EV market and what they mean for startups, R&D and OEMs. Learn more about the expansion of EVs and the technologies that are key drivers of innovation.          

 [1] Source

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