Reduce Vehicle Noise with Acoustic Simulation

Find Noise & Vibration Issues in Early Design Stages and…

…improve your customers’ acoustic and ride experience with simulation

Some sources of vehicle noise are unmistakable. Everyone knows the roar of an accelerating sports car. However, cars have dozens of other noise sources ranging from tires to cooling fans. The sound produced by a car is a highly subjective experience, and a crucial part of the driving experience.

SIMULIA’s solutions for noise & vibration enable OEMs to assess and optimize acoustic and comfort of their vehicles early in the product development process. Engineers can explore the entire design space and optimize designs for quieter vehicles and so reduce or eliminate the need for physical prototyping.

Read this whitepaper and find out how simulation can help to analyze and address complex noise and vibration issues.

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Reducing Automotive Noise for a Quiet and Comfortable Ride

Simulation can help you to detect noise & vibration issues already in the early design stages.

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