Achieving Supply Chain Planning Resilience - a study on the impact of manufacturing and engineering

Download the full report on how top performers achieve supply chain resilience

Ongoing disruption requires a fundamental shift in supply chain strategy. Increasingly, companies are realizing that to orchestrate supply chain excellence they need to collaborate with other disciplines. To obtain true levels of resiliency, there must be visibility, integration and orchestration across the entire product lifecycle, from design to manufacturing.

Tech-Clarity - an independent research firm – developed a survey and report that shows how internal collaboration is helping top performing companies meet and exceed customer service levels while increasing efficiency and reducing cost. The survey not only explores what “baseline” processes create the essential foundation for progress but also explores the advanced tiers of collaboration and critical technology that empower Top Performers

Based on the survey results detailed in this report, you will learn in-depth information on:

  • Factors contributing to the positive business impact of supply chain
  • The impact of visibility and collaboration with manufacturing and engineering
  • Top technological hurdles for supply chain resilience
  • The adoption of AI and autonomous planning in top performing companies
  • Benefits from investing in supply chain resilience

Achieving Supply Chain Planning Resilience