Whitepaper: Achieving Operational Excellence with a Digital Lab

How pharmaceutical & biotech companies benefit from improved integration and standardization

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With the cost pressures and time to market challenges that the health care industry faces, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must figure out ways to increase laboratory efficiency by managing its resources more effectively.

How can labs optimize their processes and resources in order to achieve faster innovation?

Building a Digital Lab can help.

Download this whitepaper to learn how a digital lab can address those challenges by integrating and standardizing data, resources and processes that ultimately improve operational excellence, collaboration and time to market:

  • Gain knowledge on the use of data standardization/harmonization technology and electronic lab notebook capabilities to streamline technology transfer
  • Develop a better understanding of the usefulness of a single, unified, scientifically aware environment in achieving technology handoffs from lab-to-plant
  • Learn the importance of consistent, standard procedures for managing data and processes from lab to commercialization