Achieve Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Accelerate your journey to sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing with the virtual twin experience.

Read our eBook "Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing with the Virtual Twin Experience."

In this eBook, you will learn the scientific basis to deliver sustainable outcomes in Life Sciences. It details the challenges faced and solutions available for you to realize process improvement and more sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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The impact of sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to adopt sustainable innovations to optimize their complex industrial plants, processes and products. They need to digitalize their manufacturing because it is the only way to enable diverse stakeholders to come together and systematically make important decisions to enable them to become a sustainable business. 

Our eBook details the challenges faced and solutions available for you to realize more sustainable manufacturing and solve:

  • Societal demand for affordable and accessible high-quality therapeutics
  • Environmental concerns brought about by climate change
  • Business complexity due to rising global pharmaceutical demand and the need to generate revenue ethically


The digital solution to pharmaceutical manufacturing sustainability

Digital manufacturing can be realized with a virtual twin solution. A virtual twin is a digital replica of real-world pharmaceutical processes, products and plants from end-to-end. It delivers the agility manufacturers need with science-based tools that can be leveraged to develop novel therapies. The combination of the virtual twin and the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform has a transformative effect in achieving sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

Read our eBook to discover how pharmaceutical companies can gain process improvement and succeed in leveraging best-in-class scientific tools to revolutionize their manufacturing lines and deliver innovative therapies while ensuring environmental, social and business sustainability.

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Sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing starts with the virtual twin.

Before pharmaceutical companies manufacture therapies in the millions, they need to ensure that their therapies will not negatively affect the environment, society or their business. Sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing begins with the virtual twin facilitating the creation of safe and affordable therapies, reducing waste and fostering business sustainability.

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