Achieve Program Excellence

Consolidate. Reuse. Automate. Control

A Guide for Program Management

Learn how Dassault Systèmes Program Management solution can help companies reliably execute on their proposed plans to meet their design, cost, and schedule targets.

Read this whitepaper and gain insights into new practices in four key areas:

  • Consolidate all program data in one central data repository to use institutional knowledge and improve design analysis and decision support;
  • Data reuse between organizations to avoid duplicate effort and misunderstandings 
  • Real-time reporting automation of key data to assess program performance and anticipate risks and opportunities; and
  • Program control with real-time, up-to-date, detailed and verifiable information while preserving program and partner IP

Download this whitepaper, “ACHIEVE PROGRAM EXCELLENCE: Consolidate. Reuse. Automate. Control,”  and learn how you can use Program Management to execute on your proposed plans while meeting cost and schedule targets.

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