Accelerating Drug Discovery

BIOVIA’S Validated Predictive Science Solutions

Pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing an unprecedented digital transformation that has revolutionized several areas of research and development, including drug discovery. Those who embrace digital technologies and analytics tools stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape. The predictive algorithms can help with a broad range of R&D challenges, while enabling scientists to evaluate many more hypotheses more quickly than is possible with experimentation alone. In silico methodologies not only enhance the quality and speed of decision making, they also provide a less expensive and more scalable approach to improving R&D efficiency, especially when deployed with a holistic vision in mind.

BIOVIA offers end-to-end solutions across the entire drug discovery process, where researchers can easily capture, organize, and analyze chemical and biological data; make data-driven decisions; and eliminate pinch-points and errors resulting from manual data exchanges. Powered by AI and world-class in silico tools for 3D MODSIM, BIOVIA accelerates life-changing therapies to the market. Furthermore, extending these tools in a collaborative workspace, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud, enables multidisciplinary project teams to share data and standardized analysis methods across the enterprise and among networked partners.
Read the whitepaper to take a closer look at BIOVIA solutions for drug discovery, supporting researchers from early stage discovery to pre-clinical development, all available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

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