Accelerating digitalization in manufacturing with Nokia and Dassault Systèmes

The power and potential when two industry leaders join forces

The combination of solutions provided by Nokia and Dassault Systèmes gives manufacturers a unique opportunity to adopt a comprehensive and unified approach to key digitalization initiatives.

Jointly, we provide manufacturers with the capabilities needed to accelerate their evolution to a 5G smart factory that leverages connected operations, workers and assets:

  • Increase productivity with real-time planning and simulation
  • Increase efficiency with optimized use of resources and assets
  • Improve quality with more consistent and standardized production, faster issue detection and better containment of potential defects
  • Increase worker safety with higher situational awareness and immediate notifications
  • Reduce costs with proactive maintenance, less downtime, and the ability to provide workers with remote support
  • Increase sustainability by enabling products to be designed and manufactured using the most responsible and resource-sensitive methodologies

Nokia and Dassault Systèmes help manufacturers increase flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

We believe that utilizing the power of our software solutions, implemented and integrated seamlessly with Nokia 5G private wireless networks, provides the most complete and unified approach to the worlds ever increasing and diverse manufacturing challenges that organizations are faced with today. 

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