Accelerated Design for Mold Makers

A machine’s stability and performance depends on the quality of its components. Adapt to the different needs of your customers, while remaining cost effective

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Optimize Your Mold Design and Production Process Today!

From mold tooling design to machining, you can have the freedom to collaborate, design and produce at an accelerated rate, from anywhere. Adopting a production mentality for designing and producing molds and dies, enables you to run a leaner operation, reduce costs and decrease lead-times. All of these efficiencies and savings can ultimately be passed down to your customers.

With the right 3D technology, you can ensure what you create is completely synched during the entire process – including design changes – to ultimately deliver to customers’ expectations.

WEBINAR: Be more competitive today with Integrated Mold and Tool Design

Many leading companies have gained a significant competitive advantage by adding Integrated Mold & Tool capabilities. Typical benefits: 

  • Improving the whole mold and tool design process time by 70%
  • Achieving time savings of 30% across the initial mold design process
  • Reducing the time taken for manufacturability analysis from DAYS to hours 
  • Accelerating mold core & cavity design by 70%

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End-to-End Solutions for Mold Makers

With ever decreasing design-to-manufacturing cycle times and increasing part complexity, toolmakers seek to maximize the efficiency of the complete mold and tool design process. 

Learn how to replicate what mold and tool designers have done so your company can save 30% across the initial mold design process.

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