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Increase the rate of innovation while maintaining fixed resources
Philippe LOEB
Vice President Home & Lifestyle Industry at Dassault Systèmes

With unceasing investor pressure to increase profits while minimizing their environmental footprint, CPG companies are being tasked to ‘do more with less’. And this filters down to the lab, where productivity is being put under a microscope.

We recently met a well-known company in the packaging industry in Japan that had business challenges similar to those we hear from companies all over the globe. They were feeling the pressure to create more frequent, more compelling packaging designs while improving time-to-market. Their ability to ‘go faster’ was being limited by internal design and review processes that were ill-equipped to handle the short cycle times needed to succeed.

Once they understood the power of electronic lab notebooks and in-silico computer modeling available from the Dassault Systèmes ‘Perfect Lab’ solution, they were sold. With ‘Perfect Lab’, paper-based lab notebooks are eliminated, reducing documentation time by 50%, and data reuse can increase by 85%. And by replacing physical lab testing with computer modeling, materials can be reduced by 25-30% and lab productivity can increase by 20%. As a result of this solution, the company achieved more with the same resources. They have shortened innovation cycle times and brought new products to market faster.

The first step in increasing lab productivity is to leverage digitalization by streamlining lab processes with electronic lab notebooks and integrating them with testing equipment. As a second step, leverage all the recorded experimental data for developing virtual test models. The ‘digital lab’ can optimize product design virtually with predictive science and speed up time to market for new and enhanced products. “Perfect Lab” increases lab productivity by 20% by replacing slower and more costly physical testing and data recording with digital processes and data.

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