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3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Innovation

Ready to break down organizational silos?
Learn how to successfully implement and monitor seamless collaboration across disciplines:

  • Do the right things at the right time 
  • Reduce resource and project execution costs

Connect people and data to foster creative design and innovation anywhere, any time and on any device.

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Ready to design revolutionary products and experiences?

Skilled designers and engineers produce the most innovative products and experiences faster. The Design/Engineering Library provides your workforce with powerful learning experiences, recognized through certification. They acquire industry proven practices and the latest expertise.

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Governance Lifecycle

Ready to become Business Innovators?

Dealing with huge volumes of data and information is the day-to-day challenge facing engineers. Plus, organizations need to make decisions faster than ever before.

The best-in-class learning experiences are now already available, giving you:

  • Knowledge and know-how on the latest governance practices
  • 3DEXPERIENCE roles so you can master collaboration across different disciplines

Stay ahead of the competition and make strategic decisions at the right time!

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Are you keen to improve product performance while reducing risks and costs?

Simulation is the key to performing comprehensive tests in a virtual world so that you develop the perfect products.

Gain the most sought-after market skills now and boost your employees’ performance with our Simulation Learning Libraries!

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Ready to become digital manufacturing experts?

The entire production process needs to speed up. We propose a set of certifying learning experiences that will give your workforce the skills required to keep pace with the digital manufacturing transformation.

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