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3DEXPERIENCE Twin for innovation without disruptions

The manufacturing industry is undergoing an unprecedented shift driven by new technologies, as well as the drive to lower operating costs and minimize disruptions. A virtual twin is key to facilitate successful transformation to flexible, agile and cost-effective manufacturing operations. 

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Adapting production line for new products

Define and simulate the plant layout, flow, assets and resources needed to produce products efficiently and in a safe environment. Using 3DEXPERIENCE Twin technology, rapidly validate normal production change requests or quickly pivot operations to alternative products as the result of disruptive events.

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Embracing automation

It’s less about replacing humans with robots, and more about optimizing human and robotic capital to achieve maximum production throughput and yield. 

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Layout optimisation and safety

Supply Chain Planning & Optimization across all planning horizons; gain visibility with planning and scheduling through the ability to model, simulate and optimize alternative supply and production plans to minimize disruptions.

Virtual Twin as a Service model

If you are looking to re-evaluate your operating model but challenged by short-term liquidity, do consider our Virtual Twin as a Service which allows you to leverage new capabilities without disrupting your operations and without prior CAPEX investments.

Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE Twin explained.

Our Business Consulting Director, Lionel VUILLEMIN recently hosted a webinar for executives in the Manufacturing industry. During the session, Lionel shared in-depth features of the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin and fielded questions with the audience on how our 3DEXPERIENCE Twin solution can help manufacturing businesses embrace innovation and optimise process without disrupting operations. Lionel also shared more about our unique Virtual Twin as a Service model. Click on the videos below to learn more.

Why companies are changing how they 'buy' software

The disruption of pandemic has prompted business leaders to rethink many assumptions and practices. Buying enterprise software – rather than buying the outcomes the software can deliver – is one long-standing practice that many are reevaluating. Lionel Burgaud, our Vice President, Worldwide Virtual Twin as a Service, shares more about our unique Virtual Twin as a Service model. 

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