3 levers to accelerate smart systems engineering

Webinar on demand | Discover best practices to synchronize complex, software driven engineering 

Mastering the complexity of software, electronics and hardware is the precondition for new category innovation.

Allen Behrens
Principal Analyst and Founder at Taxal

Today, companies delivering smart, connected systems face a winner-takes-it-all-competitive environment and need to navigate some real challenges:

  • The complexity challenge: cyber-systems' increasing complexity creates added challenges in engineering and project management. 
  • The compliance challenge: regulations can require extensive testing that slows down product development.
  • The collaboration challenge: teams need to be able to work together efficiently across locations and disciplines.

High-tech teams need a holistic approach for design, engineering, and manufacturing to deliver innovation at the right time.

In this 20-minute webinar you will hear from Allen Behrens and Dassault Systèmes industry experts, who will discuss: 

  • How can you accelerate innovation and cycle times
  • How can you simplify your workflows for cyber systems engineering
  • How can you address quality and compliance issues with maximum efficiency.

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